Angel Care

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Our Mission

With Christian guidance and a desire to serve our community, Angel Care will provide a nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment, giving the children the opportunity to learn through play to their full potential.       

Painting is messy, but oh so much fun!!


All Angel Care teachers are qualified in Early Childhood Education, as required by the State Licensing Department. This enables them to understand the developmental level of the children so they can program accordingly.

Art? Math? We can do so many different things with rocks!!

Christian Guidance

We understand the importance of Christian growth and plan our curriculum to guide our children morally and spiritually at a level they can understand. Angel Care is governed by a Board of Directors made up of church members and non-members. We encourage parental involvement in our governing board.

Everyone loves bubbles!

Age Groups

Angel Care is now offering a school age program!!

Angel Care takes children from birth to 10 years. Our children are in mixed age groups. Under 2’s are cared for in our Teddy Bear Room with teachers who specialize in infant/toddler care. Our Noah’s Ark Room invites children two to six years and has a more structured program.

The school-age program is available to wrap-around school hours and days off.

Full of smiles all day long!


Children 3-6 years can attend pre-school each morning from 9:30-11am. The curriculum is based on theme and is linked to the curriculum in our Noah’s Ark Room to provide continuity for the children.

Our pre-schoolers love exploring with many different textures in the sensory table!

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 6am – 6pm

Angel Care is licensed for 30 children.
For More information: Call Hilary at 414-371-9868